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Ellie is my favorite heroine so far. She's ruthless and ambition; she knows what tools are available to her and is willing to go to any lengths to achieve what she wants. I love a heroine like her, and I love that Aaron is the only one who sees through her facade. To her family, Ellie is vain because she's vain when in reality she's spent a decade preparing for her season in order to see their fortunes restored. I adored the scene where Aaron confronted Dade over their treatment and perception of her.

He's the first person to have truly seen her and helps to teach her that it is ok to reach for what she wants not just what her family needs. Aaron is a sweet hero. Despite knowing Ellie only a short period of time, he understands her, but he understands what it's like to have no one know you. He took the blame for a horrible tragedy and has been living with the consequences of it ever since. All he wants is to restore his name, especially in the eyes of his grandfather, and prove that he is a good and worthy man.

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With Ellie, he learns that no matter what your reputation is, someone who loves that will look past it to know the real you. I did have some problems with the story. The biggest one for me was Bliss. I can buy that Ellie forgot some of what happened because she was young and probably blocked out the fire due to trauma, but to entirely forget her best friend?

Seems unlikely. It was also implied that no one else knew Bliss which is strange, and also where has she been for the past thirteen years? The fire happens and then they cut off all contact with her until now? I don't know if I buy that, especially since she was an orphan and it seemed like she was living with her cousins before, but maybe that will be explained in her book. I also feel like the real Hastings's story could have been better spread throughout the book because there was a huge chunk with no mention of him at all, and I would have liked a slightly better resolution to his story.

I would have liked more time spent with the earl as well. I've also noticed that Bradley uses a lot of 'er's and exclamation points in her prose, and I wish they would be cut.

This is my favorite Worthington story thus far, and each installment has been stronger than the last. Ellie is my favorite heroine, and Aaron is the perfect man for her. Sep 12, Lita Acevedo rated it really liked it. Elektra Worthington is a very special character.

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She's the oldest Worthington daughter still living at home and believes it is up to her to save her family by finding a husband with money and a title. The Worthingtons are labelled as MAD. From the eccentric Shakespear spouting parents Archie and Iris to their crazy offspring; Calliope married , Daedalus Dade, the oldest , Orion the genius , Elektra the beauty , Lysander Zander, former soldier suffering PTSD , Pollux and Castor the twins who are inventors and Atalanta the youngest, probably a bit crazy, and a genius.

The Worthingtons are gentry but poor.

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Elektra believes she can save her family by marrying a wealthy, titled gentleman. So she kidnaps an Earl who convinces her he's actually a hired man who works for the Earl. They encounter many adventures and many laugh out loud moments, as well as some tender, steamy, and even sad moments. We see more of Buttons and Cabot, who have their own tragic unrequited love story trying to bloom in the background. Dade is his usual ignorant and arrogant self. Zander is featured more in this book and a new character is introduced in the series - Bliss Worthington, a cousin who is apparently the same age as Elektra.

Secrets are exposed and of course there's a HEA type ending. I really enjoyed this one. Mar 08, Jean rated it really liked it. Electra got it in her head that it was up to her to save the Worthington name and Worthington manor. By Marrying a very, very rich Duke or Earl. One whose reputation is without scandal. She was asked by her parents to go and meet up with a second cousin, Beth, who they felt needed to share Elektra's season. Elektra had saved and saved for this season and did not want to share it with this unknown cousin but went to meet her at a designated Inn as her parent's request guilt trip But what did she find at the Inn but a Lord, and Earl!

The next day she saw his coach leave and decided she would save herself the trouble of a season by kidnapping him, getting herself compromised by him and marrying him.

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How hard would that be? But the man she kidnapped told her she had made a very big mistake Henry Hastings. What she doesn't know is that he really is Lord Aaron Arbogst. Thus the fun begins. Happy Reading!


May 16, Gail rated it really liked it Shelves: e-book , humor , adventure , family , regency , library-book , historical-romance. Cute story. I thought I had read one of the Worthington family books before, but it doesn't show it on my lists here, and the cover copy doesn't sound familiar, so I suppose I haven't. This is the third book in the series, and the heroine is determined to restore her family's fortunes through her marriage.

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So determined that she gets the crackbrained notion to kidnap an earl. Only she kidnaps the wrong man. Only he isn't the wrong man, he's just pretending to be his own servant, but nobody knows Cute story. Only he isn't the wrong man, he's just pretending to be his own servant, but nobody knows it.

Lots of mistaken identity comedy and conflict in this story. It took me a while to get into the story because the mistaken identity business was set up quite a bit ahead of time and took a good while to get started. But once it finally did, it was a cute story and I enjoyed it. Good read. Jan 04, Nancy Brooks rated it it was amazing. This is my first full length read by Bradley. I previously read a novella in an anthology and fell in love with her humor and style.

In this one Elektra Worthington, one of the unusual Worthington clan, sets her sites on Lord Aaron Argogast as a way of restoring her family's fortune. Aaron who is broke himself has returned to England to attempt to restore himself into the good graces of his grandfather the earl. Enjoyed this very much and look forward to reading the entire Worthington series.

Aug 31, Maddie rated it liked it. It was fun to see both Aaron and Elektra act normal without all the pretense of being lord and lady.

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I wish that the ending would have had a little more hmph to it. May 07, Carole-Ann rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance. Light-hearted enough- if one suspends belief; fairly easy to read; and I suppose I've become used to Ms Bradley's interpretation of 'seduction' LOL; not bad.

Dec 12, Terry rated it really liked it Shelves: regency , history. Not as good as the second book but better than the first book. Someone has to do something about that rogue 13 year old because she is going to actually kill someone one day. Girl needs some serious discipline and rules.

May 17, Kristel rated it it was amazing. Love the little twist about Elektra's character. Jul 10, Evelyn rated it really liked it Shelves: read-bur. With this Ring, the third novel in the Wicked Worthington Series by Celeste Bradley, finds the family down on their luck after the loss of the family estate to a fire.