Understanding and Modeling Förster-type Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET): Introduction to FRET

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The plane- and spherical-wave descriptions of electromagnetic radiation: a comparison and discussion of their relative merits. Interpreting angular momentum transfer between electromagnetic multipoles using vector spherical harmonics. Opt Lett. Damping and higher multipole effects in the quantum electrodynamical model for electronic energy transfer in the condensed phase. Resonant transfer of excitation between two molecules using Maxwell fields.

A general formula for the rate of resonant transfer of energy between two electric multipole moments of arbitrary order using molecular quantum electrodynamics. On the conveyance of angular momentum in electronic energy transfer. Phys Chem Chem Phys. Optical angular momentum: multipole transitions and photonics. Identifying the development in phase and amplitude of dipole and multipole radiation.

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Loudon R. The Quantum Theory of Light. Oxford: Oxford University Press Quantum features in the orthogonality of optical modes for structured and plane-wave light. The unified theory of resonance energy transfer according to molecular quantum electrodynamics. Fermi E. Nuclear Physics. Andrews DL, Thirunamachandran T. On three-dimensional rotational averages.

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