Tales from Ovid: 24 Passages from the Metamorphoses

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And still he could not comprehend What the deception was, what the delusion. He simply became more excited by it. Poor misguided boy! Why clutch so vainly At such a brittle figment? What you hope To lay hold of has no existence. Look away and what you love is nowhere. First: use the whip not at all, or lightly.

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New Releases. Tales from Ovid : 24 Passages from the Metamorphoses. Ted Hughes, one of the most admired and widely read of living poets, has now translated twenty-four stories from the "Metamorphoses. Writing in clear, emphatic unrhymed verse, Ted Hughes has transformed Ovid's Latin poetry into English, giving us not only a new Ovid but a substantial new work of poetry in English, and one that speaks to our time much the way the Latin "Metamorphoses" did to Ovid's. Review quote "Brilliantly succeeds at bringing Ovid's passionate and disturbing stories to life.

It is simply a beautiful match. He died in The Metamorphoses was also a considerable influence on William Shakespeare. During the Renaissance and Baroque periods, mythological subjects were frequently depicted in art.

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The Metamorphoses was the greatest source of these narratives, such that the term "Ovidian" in this context is synonymous for mythological, in spite of some frequently represented myths not being found in the work. Though Ovid was popular for many centuries, interest in his work began to wane after the Renaissance, and his influence on 19th-century writers was minimal.

Ovid's Metamorphoses

Ted Hughes collected together and retold twenty-four passages from the Metamorphoses in his Tales from Ovid , published in In spite of the Metamorphoses ' enduring popularity from its first publication around the time of Ovid's exile in 8 AD no manuscript survives from antiquity. Influential in the course of the poem's manuscript tradition is the 17th-century Dutch scholar Nikolaes Heinsius. But the poem's immense popularity in antiquity and the Middle Ages belies the struggle for survival it faced in late antiquity.

The poem retained its popularity throughout Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and is represented by an extremely high number of surviving manuscripts more than ; [66] the earliest of these are three fragmentary copies containing portions of Books 1—3, dating to the 9th century.

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  • Tales from Ovid: 24 Passages from the Metamorphoses.

Collaborative editorial effort has been investigating the various manuscripts of the Metamorphoses , some forty-five complete texts or substantial fragments, [68] all deriving from a Gallic archetype. There are two modern critical editions: William S. Anderson's, first published in in the Teubner series, and R. Tarrant's, published in by the Oxford Clarendon Press. The full appearance of the Metamorphoses in English translation sections had appeared in the works of Chaucer and Gower [70] coincides with the beginning of printing, and traces a path through the history of publishing.

In , Arthur Golding published a translation of the poem that would become highly influential, the version read by Shakespeare and Spenser. The next significant translation was by George Sandys , produced from —6, [75] which set the poem in heroic couplets , a metre that would subsequently become dominant in vernacular English epic and in English translations.

In , a translation appeared from Samuel Garth bringing together work "by the most eminent hands": [77] primarily John Dryden , but several stories by Joseph Addison , one by Alexander Pope , [78] and contributions from Tate , Gay , Congreve , and Rowe , as well as those of eleven others including Garth himself. Around the later half of the 20th century a greater number of translations appeared [81] as literary translation underwent a revival.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Narrative poem by Ovid. This article is about the poem by Ovid. For other uses, see Metamorphoses disambiguation.

Ovid's relation to the Hellenistic poets was similar to the attitude of the Hellenistic poets themselves to their predecessors: he demonstrated that he had read their versions Main article: Cultural influence of Metamorphoses. No work from classical antiquity, either Greek or Roman , has exerted such a continuing and decisive influence on European literature as Ovid's Metamorphoses. The emergence of French , English , and Italian national literatures in the late Middle Ages simply cannot be fully understood without taking into account the effect of this extraordinary poem.

The only rival we have in our tradition which we can find to match the pervasiveness of the literary influence of the Metamorphoses is perhaps and I stress perhaps the Old Testament and the works of Shakespeare. University of California, Santa Cruz. Retrieved 15 April Commentary by Wilmon Brewer.


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