Superconducting Quantum Electronics

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Softcover Springer. Produktbeschreibung With the surprising discovery of superconductivity at temperatures above K, this field was not only brought into the public eye, but also stimulated research in universities, scientific institutions and industry, thus continuing the fascinating development which began with the discovery of the Josephson effect in the sixties. Cryoelectronics has become a special branch of cryophysics and cryotechnics and today plays a prominent role whenever high resolution and precision measurements are required. Motivated by this development, seven years ago scientists working in cryoelectronics in the Federal Republic of Germany felt the necessity for regular meetings allowing a free exchange of ideas and results achieved.


Seminars under the title of "Kryoelektronische Bauelemente" were held for the first time at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig in on the occasion of the th anniversary of the birth of Walther MeiBner, a pioneer in superconductivity. Since then, meetings have been held every year at different venues in Germany.

When combined with a single photon source, a broad-band single-photon detector can be used as a quantum level network analyzer.

Superconducting Quantum Electronics Research Team | RIKEN

However, perhaps the most important application for single-photon microwave detector is as a building block of a superconducting quantum computer. We have recently developed an ultrasensitive microwave detector operating on the bolometric principle [ Phys. B 90, ].

The detector exploits the strong temperature dependence of superconductor—normal-metal—superconductor Josephson junctions. We recently demonstrated detection of packets containing photons at 8.

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Superconducting Quantum Electronics

In the future, we will continue to increase the sensitivity of the detector in the pursuit of the elusive single-photon regime for thermal microwave detectors. Artistic image of a hybrid superconductor-metal microwave detector based on our work in [ Phys. Figure credit: Ella Maru Studio. We recently demonstrated on-chip, flux-tunable, linear phase shifter based on three equidistant superconducting quantum interference devices connected by transmission lines [ Sci. We showed that such phase shifter can have high tunability while maintaining unit transmission.

The phase shifter can be in principle combined with beam splitters and nonlinear phase shifters to realize a universal set of quantum gates for propagating microwave photons. So far, no promising candidates for nonlinear phase shifters have been experimentally demonstrated. However, in our theoretical studies, we have found that if the SQUIDs are replaced with qubits, our phase shifter design exhibits strong nonlinearity [ arXiv More immediate applications for the phase shifter are found in the control and measurement side of quantum computation.

It can be used, for example, to tune the phase of on-chip microwave source, thus possibly allowing control of many qubits with only single off-chip microwave source. Department of Applied Physics.

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Introduction We develop components and methodology in the rapidly growing field of quantum computing, especially in the framework of circuit quantum electrodynamics cQED. Tunable environments for superconducting circuits Based on our above-mentioned efforts on superconducting qubits, we study tunable environments for superconducting circuits.

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  • Superconducting Quantum Electronics.
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Heat conductance over macroscopic distances We have experimentally studied heat conduction between two normal-metal blocks terminating the opposing ends of a superconducting transmission line at sub-kelvin temperatures [ Nat. Personal information will not be disclosed, transferred or loaned to a third party under any circumstances without just cause. Inquiry e-mails from recruiting institutions. Data number. Information on external site. The information about this institution on external site will be displayed in a new window.

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