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Understanding "Slave" and "Ghost Story" in Victor Lavelle's Slapboxing With Jesus

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 24, Karl marked it as to-read Shelves: books-bought. This edition is signed by author Victor D. This book was just an utter delight to read. Oct 22, Phil Overeem rated it it was amazing. In the piece, he made a strong statement about Oe's writing and the ante it ups for other writers that made me want to read LaValle's own work to see if he himself was equal to the task.

Here's the statement: "[I]magine if Oe's courageous nakedness were universal. Black writers might stop making careers out of self-righteousness and white prejudice. White guys might stop hiding behind their encyclopedic knowledge and grapple with their lack of humility. Immigrant writers might stop moaning about how hard it was for their parents to become Americans.

White women might finally cut their poor mothers a little slack. In place of these shopworn scenarios, what if white folks wrote honestly about white racism? Because I could do with a lot less about white racism from everyone else. Imagine black writers addressing black cruelty and sanctimoniousness, or Asian writers really coming to terms with Asian materialism. I need to read more of his work Jul 26, Shay rated it really liked it. Days in the life of NY boys in the 80's. From the childhood age of 9 to 18 years old. Friends, the city, toxic masculinity, and just being a kid in the neighbor.

An excellent read and a vivid point of view that accurately depicts the time ans place. Apr 04, emily rated it liked it. Shelves: , short-stories , fiction. I liked it. But not enough to give it a 4 3.

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LaValle's characters were about as real as fictional characters can possibly be. If they were any realer they would be walking around NYC wearing gaudy jewelry and dropping the "Killah" from their MC title. This might just be me being naive but it seemed to me that LaValle went way out of his way to show the dark and ugly side of project living. I mean, WTF? It was educational though. I now know, thanks to LaValle, that if I ever decide to approach a lady of the night in a dark alleyway, that I better have some protection on me.

Sometimes, the best way to avoid these sort of things is to learn from a fictional character's mistake. Hey, better him than me, right? Jan 20, Muna rated it it was amazing. I wish this collection was as much on people's minds as the more popular "Jesus's Son" by Denis Johnson. Together, the two paint the perfect picture of contemporary American male life. And this one is much more fun.

Rhythm like you wouldn't believe and characters you know but have never read about before.

Apr 18, Jamal rated it liked it. Jan 15, Libby Beyreis rated it liked it. I'm a little conflicted. The writing is phenomenal, but the stories themselves aren't really stories, they are character sketches. It's very well done for what it is, but it's really not to my taste. I prefer more plot in my stories.

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  8. May 05, Joseph rated it really liked it. Represent Queens. Aug 16, Devi Laskar rated it it was amazing. Mar 26, Sparky Abraham rated it liked it. Jan 26, Salty Swift rated it it was amazing. Victor LaValle's early work.

    Slapboxing with Jesus by Victor LaValle

    In short, his talent is visible through nuances and hints of what's to come in latter novels. Masterful as always! May 21, Daivon Stevenson added it. When you read "Slapboxing with Jesus", you immediately become curious and want to learn more about this unusual title. Well, this is the affect the book had on me. This book has a unique style to it that you don't see everyday.

    Anyway, this book is about two young men growing up in the ghetto and struggle to survive in the streets. They also have to deal with the issues of being the age they are.

    Bestselling Series

    They have learn to overcome the temptations and the mental obstacles in their life at this point. As When you read "Slapboxing with Jesus", you immediately become curious and want to learn more about this unusual title. As they grow up, they mature and learn life lessons and tips on how to make it in their community. They experience many things and get into a bit of trouble.

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    8. They also run into many different types of people who affect hem in different ways. For example, when Rob gets his first girlfriend, she was not trustworthy and ended up cheating on him. So he learns what types of girls to go after and be in a relationship with. What I like about this book is it's unique style of writing.

      It's different from the standard style of writing and gives the reader a new experience. For example, instead of using quotation marks "" he uses a dash - to show that someone is saying something. At first, it was a little confusing and has a little bit of a learning curve. But, once you get used to it, it really is a interesting way to read and gives off a whole new feel. Another thing I like about this book is the realness of the story. The fact that many people already live a life similar to the main characters shows a new reality to the reader.

      It shows what can actually happen to people who live in ghetto or in a place that resembles it. It also shows what happens to people of that young age and what they can go through. Unfortunately, this can be a little bit too real for some people. I would recommend this book to those who want to know what it's like living and growing up in a harsh environment at a certain age.