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The setup method will create a few test entries. After the test entries are created, they will be read and the one field of the entries is changed and saved to the database. Dynamic, typesafe queries in JPA 2. Free use of the software examples is granted under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2. Java persistence API - Tutorial version unspecified. JPA with Eclipselink. This tutorial explains how to use the Java persistence API. Entity A class which should be persisted in a database it must be annotated with javax.

Persistence of fields The fields of the Entity will be saved in the database. Relationship Mapping JPA allows to define relationships between classes, e. Entity Manager The entity manager javax. The persistence context describes all Entities of one Entity manager. Persistence units The EntityManager is created by the EntityManagerFactory which is configured by the persistence unit.

Java Persistence JPA 2. Installation 3. Derby Database The example later will be using Apache Derby as a database. Project and Entity Create a Java project "de. Afterwards create the package "de. Entity ; import javax. GeneratedValue ; import javax. GenerationType ; import javax.

Test your installation Create the following Main class which will create a new entry every time it is called. List ; import javax.

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EntityManager ; import javax. EntityManagerFactory ; import javax. Persistence ; import javax. Query ; import de. Using lombok for entity classes In order to avoid writing too much boilerplate code for the entity classes you can use lombok, which automatically generates appropriate getters, setters, toString and hashCode methods for the fields in a Java class. Data ; import javax. Relationship example Create a Java project called "de. Create the de.

The Jdk 1.4 Tutorial

ArrayList ; import java. Id ; import javax. With the significant changes made to the new release of Java Development Kit JDK , this book will act as tutorial for programmers who need to make use of he new features now. Each new or updated package or feature is given a theoretical introduction, including a discussion of the role of the package or feature within the larger Java platform. Every technique described is With the significant changes made to the new release of Java Development Kit JDK , this book will act as tutorial for programmers who need to make use of he new features now.

Every technique described is accompanied by a sample program that provides a complete implementation and can be used as a starting point for creating new code. For packages that have been overhauled, a discussion of the relevant changes is provided in the context of what the Java programmer already knows about older versions of the package and special attention is given to anything that breaks backward compatibility. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published May 1st by Manning Publications first published March More Details Original Title.

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Lists with This Book. Though, you can give define your own constructors to initialize the state of enum types. For example, we can add angle attribute to direction. All directions have some angle. If we want to access angle for any direction, we can make a simple method call in enum field reference. Remember that enum is basically a special class type, and can have methods and fields just like any other class. You can add methods which are abstract as well as concrete methods as well.

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Both methods are allowed in enum. Adding a concrete method in enum is similar to add same method in any other class. You can use any access specifier e. You can return values from enum methods or simply use them to perform internal logic. You can call printDirection method as simple method calls on enum instance.

We can add abstract method in enums. In this case, we must implement the abstract method at each enum field , individually. You can enforce a contract for all enums to be created in this way. It can serve as template for enum creation. For example, If we want that each enum type of Direction should be able to print the direction name with a custom message when needed.

This can be done by defining a abstract method inside Direction , which each enum has to override. In future, in any more directions are added really?


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As mentioned earlier, enums extends Enum class. Enum is an abstract class. This is the common base class of all Java enumeration types.

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It means that all enums are comparable and serializable implicitly. Also, all enum types in Java are singleton by default. As noted all enums extends java.

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  • Enum , so enum cannot extend any other class because Java does not support multiple inheritance this way. But enums can implement any number of interfaces. All enums are by default comparable and singletons as well.

    • 1.1. enum is reserved keyword.
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    • Two classes have been added to java. A specialized Set implementation for use with enum types. All of the elements in an enum set must come from a single enum type that is specified, explicitly or implicitly, when the set is created. Like most collection implementations EnumSet is not synchronized. If multiple threads access an enum set concurrently, and at least one of the threads modifies the set, it should be synchronized externally. Also, these sets guarantee the ordering of the elements in the set based on their order in the enumeration constants is declared.

      Performance and memory benefits are very high in comparison to a regular set implementation. A specialized Map implementation for use with enum type keys. Also, all of the keys in an enum map must come from a single enum type that is specified, explicitly or implicitly, when the map is created. Like EnumSet , null keys are not permitted and is not synchronized as well.

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