Introduction to mathematical statistics

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The Phi Measure of Association preview. Lamda Measure of Association preview. Spearman Measure of Association preview.

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Eta Measure of Association preview. Multiple Choice Exercises Workbook.

Introduction to Mathematical Statistics: Pearson New International Edition, 7th Edition

Multiple Choice Exercises preview. Statement Exercises Workbook. Statement Exercises preview.

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Mathematical Statistics - STA365 Lecture 01

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If you are interested by an introduction to "data science" in Python this is a great book there are of course many other resources online. This book is a very good, non-technical introduction to "statistical learning" This Stochastics by H. Georgii could be another textbook, more technical than the one we use. This Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications, by Larsen and Marx is a more "user-friendly" textbook, that can be interesting to look at.

Class outline Introduction, reminders of probability theory.

STAT 52800 - Introduction To Mathematical Statistics

Parametric estimation, method of moments, max-likelihood, M-estimators. Some general theory of estimators. The non-parametric case. Hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, p-value. Some classical tests. The non-asymptotic case. Regression and introduction to statistical learning. If and when time permits: a word on Bayesian statistics, PCA, etc. Sessions Jan Logistics and introduction.

Introduction to Mathematical Statistics using R-PLU

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