Incompatibility in Angiosperms

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Notes on Sexual Incompatibility in Flowering Plants

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Double fertilization in plants class 10, 11, 12.

Bateman, A J. Self-incompatibility systems in Angiosperms. Heredity , 6 , — Heredity , 8 , — Beatus, R. Jahrb Wiss Bot , 80 , — Beddows, A R.

Seed-setting and flowering in various grasses. Cytological and embryological studies in the amphi-apomictic Arabis Holboellii complex. Correns, C. Neue Untersuchungen an selbsterilen Pflanzen. Tolmiea Menziesii Biol Zbl , 48 , — Crowe, L K.

Incompatibility in Cosmos bipinnatus. Heredity , 8 , 1— A new interpretation of the hereditary behaviour of self-sterile plants. Proc Nat Acad Sci , 11 , — Self-incompatibility studies in guayule. Pollen-tube behaviour. J Hered , 41 , 49— Howard, H W. Self-incompatibility in polyploid forms of Brassica and Raphanus. Nature , , The most spread auto-sterility systems in angiosperms consists of two types of SI: gametophytically GSI or sporophytically SSI controlled self-incompatibility.

Self-incompatibility systems in angiosperms: III. Cruciferae | Heredity

Three molecular mechanisms have been closely observed: S-RNase system present in Solanaceae , calcium cascade system present in Papaveraceae and homomorphic SI type in Brassicaceae family. After 60 years of intensive scientific research, our knowledge of molecular mechanisms of self-incompatibility is still incomplete.

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  • Self-incompatibility systems in angiosperms: III. Cruciferae.
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Even the most researched S-RNase mechanism remains questionable. From all of the information presented in this review, it can be concluded that the two proposed models are most likely related. Center for Agro-Resources Research. Research Progress. CAS Members. Molecular Agrobiology. Developmental Biology. Molecular Systems Biology. Agro-Resources Research. International Projects.


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