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Anderson is a fan a time lapse This is only one adventure for these characters. Two more books are yet to be read. I would hope by book two there is more character development. Felt like a standard Dungeons and Dragons Adventure. The varying environments made the adventure fun. What I liked most about the book was the p I was hoping for more out of this book, being a Kevin J Anderson novel.

What I liked most about the book was the premise. I've never seen any other author use an idea like this before. The Players play this game every Sunday for so long, the game became real for the characters. Jan 11, George rated it liked it. As someone who plays fantasy RPGs since he was a teenager, I found this book to be very entertaining, but not very satisfying. I suppose if I has actually read it when it was first published, I might have found it more interesting, but by then I was reading other things.

I like the idea of a game world that has come to life, but I think it would have been better if the players themselves had been transported to that world rather than have them exist side-by-side with the creatures that inhabit th As someone who plays fantasy RPGs since he was a teenager, I found this book to be very entertaining, but not very satisfying. I like the idea of a game world that has come to life, but I think it would have been better if the players themselves had been transported to that world rather than have them exist side-by-side with the creatures that inhabit this world. May 09, Sean Randall rated it liked it.

Though the characters were fairly shallow and the plot predictable, there was something about the idea of the book that kept me reading it. I wouldn't say it stood out for anything in particular, yet there's clearly something there if even the idea of a game world played by kids can hold my interest, which means I'll be carrying on with the series. I enjoyed the story overall, but thought the characters were poorly developed and the link to the outside was glossed over. Not sure I will bother to read the other books in the trilogy.

Apr 05, Pierre Armel rated it did not like it. The characters were flat, the way Gamearth people react to their universe feels unreal. I stopped the book before after reading a third of it. And believe me, I do NOT like to put a book to bed before finishing it. May 22, Dave rated it really liked it. The first in a series that starts out pretty promising.

I warn you now, though, that the series ends with, no kidding, a punchline. A punchline that might have been find if this was a short story. But after 3 novels, I want resolution, not a punchline. Aug 03, Danny rated it liked it. Actually, it wasn't ok.

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It was bad. The concept is overdone. The writing wasn't very impressive. It's just really bad fantasy. And I'm annoyed that I can't find my copy of the second book. Because even though it's bad fantasy, I found it entertaining. Jul 12, Stephen rated it it was amazing. Aug 04, Michael rated it liked it. As a gamer, I wanted to like this book. Not sure if I will read the other two books in the series.

Jun 22, Mir rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. When one of them decides to destroy the imaginery world the characters must try to stop him. Dec 30, Brandon rated it it was amazing. A great series in the same genre as Libriomancer and books like that. I enjoyed the first book a lot, and plan to read the rest. Jack Turner rated it really liked it Oct 02, Billy Webb rated it liked it Aug 20, Rich Taylor rated it liked it Jul 25, Michael rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Tim Wolfe rated it liked it May 29, Robert Karlen rated it liked it Feb 26, Jason Corfman rated it really liked it Jan 11, Gary rated it really liked it Mar 18, Binky Bowberg rated it really liked it Nov 07, Christopher S rated it liked it Oct 08, Paul Shepherd rated it really liked it Jan 28, Randy rated it liked it Mar 06, Shlomi Zilberman rated it liked it Mar 20, Once and while there would be another much smaller square of lush green farming below us, but it struck me at that point as an oddity and unnatural in that landscape.

The southwest finds itself in the middle of a huge population boom Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in the USA while at the same time being caught in a terrible drought.

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One really cool thing about Phoenix is the desert art. Whereas at home they line highway on- and off-ramps with shrubs and trees, in Phoenix they have desert art pained or carved right into the earth. It looked to be Navajo or Hopi imagery, mostly of deserts birds and lizards. While Tony and I were seated together for this leg, I felt bad for him—the pressure differences of takeoff and landing really give him headaches, and like I said, Phoenix to LA is all up and down.

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The whole valley looked like it was covered in a thick fog and it was hard to see landmarks of any kind. Claude and yours truly. Very cool. Soon we were met by our driver, Jason, and then whizzed around to one of the other gates to pick up Aliette de Bodard , the first WOTF winner from France! Aliette and I won in Q3 and had been e-mailing already as had she and Tony so it was almost as if we knew each other a bit to begin with. She got quite good at finding me at almost every turn during the rest of the week more on that later. Seeing this sight made me feel like I was in a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song… As we drove down the through LA and the to Pasadena, Aliette regaled us with tales of transferring international flights at Heathrow.

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She had a two-hour layover and still barely made the plane after all the security, etc. Makes me feel pretty silly for being worried that 40 minutes in customs at Pearson was going to make me late…. After a brief stop at the 76 for gas and witnessing a genuine California highway fender bender , we arrived at the Sheraton Pasadena.

We were greeted at the check-in by Sarah Caruso, one of the Galaxy Press folks and our coordinator during our stay. Sarah was fabulous all week—if you needed something done, you asked her and it was ready by the next break. I think she slept even less than the winners, because every time I was wandering the hotel corridors at 4am there was Sarah … I also think her clipboard-binder thing had been surgically grafted to her arm, because she was never without it.

She did a great job keeping the wheels greased all week. John Goodwin can see through walls. Tony, Aliette, and I agreed to meet shortly to get some lunch and went to our rooms to drop stuff off. Doug is an English lit PhD candidate specializing in utopian studies and at one point had worked as a developmental editor for a textbook publisher in the US so he actually unlike most people understood what I did for a living.

Downstairs for lunch to discover that a number of the other winners who had already arrived were assembled ready to strike out in search of food in Pasadena. We wandered over to the open-air mall for the first of many trips. There was lots of talk about the contest, how many times people had submitted before winning I think the highest was 12 , and what to expect from the week most people had pieced this together from the various web pages and blogs of past winners.

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As we returned to the hotel we discovered that the Miss Teen USA pageant was being held next door at the arena. Girls in sashes were thus to haunt over every move during the week. A very LA experience.

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  • They briefly outlined what we could expect from the week and took our questions, which started off being about the week, but then quickly turned to other aspects of publishing, agents, etc. We were hungry for knowledge and success and it showed. The workshop is to take you beyond the first sale. He had no one to hang out with on break and have a butt—and though I hate smoking I was tempted to take it up for a week just to hang out with Tim.

    When Jeff Carlson asked him just how many he had in there he pulled out two more from what I swear were secret pockets in the lining. I retired to the bar with a band of the other winners to talk writing, the contest, life, the universe, everything… Eventually we broke up and headed for our rooms to read the requested articles. NB: This is a repost of an article that first appeared on 9 September Okay, okay—I know.

    The original plan was to do a series of lengthy, day-by-day posts with pictures!

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    See, in the months leading up to the award week I scoured the tubes of the internet for any information I could glean about the goings-on at the WOTF week from posts made by past winners and participants. Levine as my direct inspiration for the day-by-day breakdown. Without exception the previous winners I was in touch with were friendly, helpful, and excited for me. By the way, some of the advice I got? Tobias Buckell very sagely told me to stick as close to Tim Powers as I could all week—advice I tried to heed, hence my flirtation with taking up smoking for seven days—and Jim Hines told me to keep my inner fanboy in check—advice I ignored only once, when I introduced myself to Larry Niven and, well, we all know how that went …. So, having gotten so much from these posts I, too, wanted to write up something that would really be of use to people going to the awards and interested in what to expect, and to those considering entering and wanting to get a sense of what can happen.

    Found a great interview with literary agent Donald Maass over on Writer Unboxed. Part One is here , and Part Two is here.