Functional Methods in Condensed Matter Theory

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Martin Zwierlein is conducting experiments on strongly interacting Fermi gases of atoms and molecules.

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In contrast to bulk materials, in these gases the interactions between particles can be freely tuned to be as strong as quantum mechanics allows. This makes these gases ideal platforms to study the many-body physics of strongly correlated fermions.

Machine Learning Techniques for Quantum Many-Body Physics - Lecture 1

The group is also pursuing the creation of a degenerate Fermi gas of stable dipolar NaK molecules, which might allow the observation of novel forms of superfluidity and supersolids. Isaac Chuang studies quantum information with cold atomic systems, based on microfabricated chips for cooling, moving, and controlling small numbers of individual ions at the quantum level. His cryogenic ion traps enable new schemes for controlling polar molecular ions and studying their quantum interactions.

Vladan Vuletic works on many-body quantum correlations entanglement using atom-light interactions.

Quantum Condensed Matter Experiment

This includes the generation of non-classical states of light, and entanglement between atoms that can be used to increase the accuracy of atomic sensors such as clocks beyond the shot noise limit. The Atomic Physics group is vitally involved in educational activities, Prof. The field of biophysics has experienced tremendous growth and excitement in recent years. Our goal is to combine a rigorous training in physics together with an interdisciplinary approach to modern problems in biophysics.

Condensed Matter Physics

Graduate students in the Department benefit from an interactive and supportive intellectual community, including the opportunity to earn a Graduate Certificate in Biophysics. Biophysics research within the Department spans many scales, from the structural organization of polymers to the evolutionary and ecological dynamics of populations.

Professor Nikta Fakhri combines concepts from biology, soft matter and statistical physics to decode non-equilibrium mechanisms in active living matter. Professor Jeff Gore uses microbial populations to experimentally test fundamental ideas in theoretical ecology and evolutionary dynamics. On the theoretical front, Professor Jeremy England and his group focus on structure, function, and evolution in the sub-cellular biophysical realm. Professor Mehran Kardar is a statistical physicist with interests in pattern formation, protein knots, and the immune response. Additionally, three theorists have joint appointments in the Department.

Professor Leonid Mirny is a computational systems biologist with major efforts devoted to characterizing the spatial organization of the genome and the evolutionary dynamics in cancer. Professor Arup Chakraborty uses statistical mechanical methods to complement biological experiments and clinical data to understand how the adaptive immune system works.

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As in other fields, progress in condensed matter physics may result from new technology. For example, the capability developed by the electronics industry of making semiconductor and metal structures on the nanometer length scale has made much of the subfield that is now called nanoscience possible. Our Department enjoys a leadership role in this area in semiconductor nanostructures, including single electron transistors and capacitors, as well as with carbon nanotubes and graphene.

Quantum Condensed Matter Theory

A second major focus of the condensed matter physics group is the development and study of novel quantum materials. The study of these materials integrates nanoscale and ultrafast techniques and opens up new directions where topological degrees of freedom and correlated phases can be accessed. The MIT Condensed Matter Physics group has enjoyed a tradition of close collaboration and mutual stimulation between theorists and experimenters. Raymond Ashoori's group uses novel tunneling and charge sensing measurements to study electrons in low-dimensional systems such as graphene, semiconductor quantum Hall systems, and a variety of nanostructures.

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Joseph Checkelsky studies the thermodynamic and transport properties of correlated and topological systems hosted in quantum materials synthesized by epitaxial and bulk single crystal growth techniques. Nuh Gedik develops advanced optical and electron spectroscopies to study quantum materials such as topological insulators and high temperature superconductors. He has developed new ways to probe and control excitations in quantum materials with resolution in time, energy and momentum.

Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this Textbook This book provides material for courses in theoretical physics for undergraduate and graduate students specializing in condensed matter, including experimentalists who want a thorough theoretical background; the advanced part should be of interest to research workers too.

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Show all. From the reviews: "Cini has prepared an advanced book in a specialized area of quantum physics ….

Adiabatic Switching and Time-Ordered series Pages Atomic Shells and Multiplets Pages Hopping Electron Models: an Appetizer Pages Many-body Effects in Electron Spectroscopies Pages Group Representations for Physicists Pages Simpler Uses of Group Theory Pages Equations of Motion and Further Developments Pages Non-Equilibrium Theory Pages Some Recursion Techniques with Applications Pages Quantum Phases Pages Pairing from repulsive interactions Pages Algebraic Methods Pages Appendix 1: Zero-point Energy in a Pillbox Pages Proof of the Wigner-Eckart Theorem Pages Show next xx.

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