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I was captivated by the manuscript. No two thoughts about it — it was good. The challenge was to structure and rephrase words in a way that would appeal to the younger generation for whom the book is primarily written. I am happy to say that to a fair extent amidst various contributors, we have done an extremely good job!

The book is a love story cum spiritual journey. Ashutosh, Ayan, Calliope, Anishka, and the elusive monk are the key characters.

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The tale goes back and forth and in time and the description of the Himalayas transports you to the snow-capped peaks. I do not wish to reveal a lot about the plot. All the people whom he meets in this journey, their conversations and their intertwined lives get featured in the book.

I also attended a reading of the book last Friday at the Leela Palace in Chennai it was graced by Timeri Murari renowned novelist and playwright. There was a Carnatic Music performance and display of paintings as well. It was a wonderful event. A lot has been said about Shakespeare and we will let it rest at that!

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  8. Satyajit Ray well definitely a series of posts are lined up soon. An icon, a master magician with the camera, a poet, writer, musician and artist. For someone like me who spent his childhood in Calcutta, Ray and his creations were a part of life! I digress again, another day we will look at Ray Moshai in earnest. Coming to the crux of this post — BOOKS — Yup, books that created a life-long love affair with books and characters; this post is going to be about books.

    The few friends that I have and the fewer friends that have visited my house know the state of my house. Shelves stacked with books, cartons full of books, bags full of books, you get the drift! In a world of e-books and e-pub files and Amazon Kindles; I guess I am still an old fashioned romantic who has to hold a printed book in his hands! Like most youngsters around the world Enid Blyton formed an inevitable part of growing up!

    Famous Five, Five Find-Outers, Secret Seven, The Adventurous Four, Mystery Series were all devoured and one longed for picnics and adventures with sumptuous spreads of scones, buns, sandwiches, jams and ginger ale!

    David Copperfield by Charles Dickens - A Nonspoilery Review

    How many of you remember the S. Paces series of abridged classics that would be a part of the English syllabus. They opened our eyes to classic tales of adventure and history. Gokulam and Chandamama played a big role as well. Tinkle was surprisingly something that did not captivate me much then. The few Indrajal comics that somehow I got and Target magazine were real fun as well.

    How many of you remember Gardhab Das the donkey-singer and Detective Tegrat? Jaico abridged illustrated classics were safe and sound birthday gifts and I recollect receiving a few of them one year.

    David Copperfield

    But the book still remains safe and is very close to my heart. I think it was the first book that I bought on my own at a book fair in Chennai. The princely sum of Rs after discount was paid for the book — 16 years ago. Herge and Tintin taught me a lot about the world, values, human nature and loyalty and friendship than all my teachers combined!

    Charles Dickens Books

    Thanks to the internet old scanned copies are available and Tintin and Snowy will always remain close to my heart. I always hoped someday like Tintin, I would be a reporter, travel the world and have adventures. Instead, I have become a cross between the bungling Thompson twins, the forgetful Professor Calculus and the angry Captain Haddock. The closest that I had to Snowy was my dear Brownie, who now lives on a farm, I visit her once in a while.

    The years have been gentle and kind at least in letting me buy and read books, I do not have too many vices, I splurge on books and movies, I am thankful for a job that lets me indulge in these two interests. Ananthamurthy, and the translated works of Sivasankari, M.

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    Vasudevan Nair, Jeyakanthan, O. Vijayan, Basheer have created a strange sense of longing in the heart. Will there be someone with whom I can sit together and read a book, share a coffee and a hug and hold hands and listen to the birds chirp as the sun sets, letting the breeze kiss us gently as I slowly part the strands of her hair and smile. I hope I will find someone with whom I can share my books, my life, my movies, my music and my dreams! Running around in hospitals, Chasing pharmacies for medicines, Hoping things would improve. Things are mildly better.

    Of a solo visit to Tiruvanamalai, Spending time in a shelter for animals , Moved by the love that the workers, Shower on the creatures. The Modern Library. Hardcover, good condition Rs. Limited — Hard cover — good condition — Rs. The Enormous Shadow. Reprint Society London. South Riding. The Sea Change.