Change: What Really Leads to Lasting Personal Transformation

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Change: Buy Change by Ph.D. Kottler Jeffrey A. at Low Price in India |

Kottler , Hardcover. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Why do people avoid and resist changes that they know are absolutely necessary for their well-being? How is it that people "decide" to change? Why can change be both gradual and incremental, or sudden and dramatic? When exposed to trauma or disasters, why do some people become incapacitated and dysfunctional while others grow significantly as a result of the adversity? Why don't most changes seem to stick, even when they obviously provide satisfying outcomes? What can be done to prevent relapses?

Change: What Really Leads to Lasting Personal Transformation

If there are universal features of most successful efforts, how can they be structured in such a way to promote lasting changes? Book jacket. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. I was pretty impressed with this book. It is wonderfully enhanced by a multiplicity of inspirational examples both from Kottler's personal experience including, for instance, a very touching reference to the death of his mother and from the hundreds of people he has interviewed and treated within a wide variety ofbackgrounds.

The path to to personal transformation

Show More Show Less. What causes human beings to make a significant change in their lives, a transformative shift in thinking and actions? This fundamental question has preoccupied philosophers, priests, politicians, authors, and scholars for centuries. Today, psychologists and therapists who sit with clients session after session have a unique window into the human psyche, watching the rhythms of change unfold in front of them every day, and yet the process remains a mystery.

Research has shown that even in cases of unqualified success, the client and the therapist often have wildly different views on what made it work.


Taking that as his starting point, Jeffrey Kottler leads the reader on an exploration of human behavior, seeking to find out what it is that really makes a difference that can lead to transformative and lasting change. Passar bra ihop.

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Jeffrey has been a counselor, therapist, supervisor, and educator for 45 years, having worked a preschool, middle school, mental health center, crisis center, hospital, medical school, refugee resettlement agency, nongovernmental organization NGO , university, community college, private practice, and disaster relief settings. He is also the founder of Empower Nepali Girls, a foundation that supports and mentors at-risk children He has served as a Fulbright scholar and senior lecturer in Peru and Iceland, as well as worked as a visiting professor in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Nepal.

He currently lives in Houston where he works on projects related to refugee trauma with the Alliance for Multicultural Services. Review the research and anecdotal reports on the factors that are most associated with lasting change, both within therapeutic relationships, as well as everyday life. Learn to conduct more meaningful collaborative assessments with clients to determine what is most impactful, making adjustments as needed. Focus more on variables such as modeling, therapeutic alliance, narratives, and the experiences of personal transformation that are most associated with enduring changes.

Apply principles of quantum change to a variety of clinical and personal experiences, both within the context of helping relationships and in daily life.

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    Change What Really Leads to Lasting Personal Transformation

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