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The format this is a first How-To book by Sams for me so I assume it goes across the board was very much like a focused blog. It was broken up into small posts about each topic. The other thing that compelled me was the amount of code samples. This is not a book that you can sit down and read. Instead, this is a book that you set on your desk and put post-its and dog ears for key sections that you use and use and use before you put the pattern to memory.

I remember when I first started writing software and everyone had the Microsoft white reference books that became the MSDN Library after time. If you had to work with sockets, you would mark out that section with post-its and go back and forth each time you visited a section of code that needed sockets until you had put the use of that particular syntax to memory. Then a few apps down the road, you would visit it again for a refresher. Although, I haven't found much luck using CloudFlare and always ran into issues.

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A must read for every web developer willing to understand the impacts the network has on the performances. Thanks for the good and useful collection of performance testing tools. It offers variety of performance tools and they are very useful especially if you are using CDN. What a usefull resource! Thank you a lot, sam.

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I live in sunny Sydney. I love writing about performance, Ruby, Mini Profiler and technology related topics.

Home About. Sam's ultimate web performance tool and resource list over 7 years ago. Other similar tools are: Page Analyzer , Pingdom full page test There are also monitoring tools with page test integration showslow , GTmatrix REDbot is handy tool for cache validation.

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Are you missing an Expires or Cache-Control header? HTTP Archive keeps historical performance snapshots of many sites online. See how your site has done over the last few years. Zoompf pay offers a full site optimisation solution, the blog is well worth reading. Firefox has Firebug. Browser plugins and performance auditors Recommended - Google Page Speed - trickiest to install, however provides very comprehensive results and helps you perform optimisations Recommended - YSlow - the original performance audit tool, now open source Recommended - Web Developer Toolbar very important for Firefox testing, allows you to easily disable cache or js.

Chrome Speed Tracer - A bit tricky to get running and provides an information overload, perhaps the richest performance profiler out there. Learn how much each selector is costing you. NET - Most simple photo editing and re-compression tasks can be done here, nice jpeg compression preview. JPEGmini - handy online tool for re-compressing jpeg files recommended by Andy Sprite utilities and Data Uri tools Recommended SpriteMe , sprites are tricky things that feel impossible sometimes.

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This bookmarklet makes the sprite problem trivial to solve. Also see, the Steve Sourders talk about it. Bundling, minification and spriting. For web accelerator as a service look at blaze. Yottaa pay and Torbit pay offer a similar service. They also offer a service that allows you to measure your CDN performance for free. Recommended Cloud Climate - see various CDNs performance in your browser Debugging proxies and latency simulators Recommended Fiddler must have debugging tool, many advanced features.

Sam's ultimate web performance tool and resource list

Also see: StressStimulus a load testing extension. Also works on Windows x32 as a ndis driver no x64 support CharlesProxy pay multi-platform web debugging proxy JavaScript loaders Often loading JavaScript files synchronously can be the slowest part of your page. Books with a similar title. Mastering C and. Net Framework. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Introduction p.

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NET p. NET Virtual Machine p. NET Memory Management p. NET Packaging System p. NET Programs p. NET Collections p.