An Introduction to Maple V

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Schmitt, Monatshefte fur Mathematik, Vol. Thus the book is designed for students, teachers, engineers and researchers aiming to master the Maple computer algebra system at an introductory level.

Maple Books in English

The book achieves this aim. The coverage of material is quite extensive.

I worked through selected parts of the book attempting to view the instructions from a beginner's perspective. The instructions are clear and the examples are relevant for most of the mathematics covered at undergraduate level by engineers and scientists.

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There are adequate warnings along the way as to where things might go wrong. This feature is a particularly useful aid to the beginner.

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I believe I would have found this book very helpful when I first started using Maple. The structure of the book allows the beginner to locate easily practical helpful information to deal with the problem at hand. I would recommend that some copies be placed in your computer laboratory to be on hand when students are working alone, as I am sure they will find it most helpful. We can recommend this book to mathematicians, physicists, chemists, engineers, and to all who aren't loath to use computer in computations.

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Real Numbers, Complex Numbers. Equations and Inequations. Limits and Derivatives.

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Maple Books in English

Finding Solutions Pages Heal, K. Graphics Pages Heal, K. Evaluation and Simplification Pages Heal, K.

Getting Started with Maple in Five Easy Steps

Examples from Calculus Pages Heal, K. Input and Output Pages Heal, K. Show next xx.

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